Season 1 Episode Quotes

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Picture credit: Julie George

A #love yo’self
B This is a “go get you some” wine.
C Clinterally Speaking, make my day.
D Haven’t you had enough of random men walking up to you & grabbing you without asking your permission?
E Is that what they call the 7-year Wine Itch?
F We are going to have to hire her, or we are going to have to kill her.
G Life is not cookie cutter.
H I’m the opposite of a helicopter mom…thank god I smoke.
I I first learned about sex by bumping Barbies.
J I think women have gotten more of a voice, but we’re not always allowed to say exactly what we want to say.
K Who are you to tell me that I am too pretty to do anything? Do you even know how smart I am?
L Instead of making my life work for the world, I’m going make the world work for my life.
M If you don’t use it, you lose it.
N I fell asleep on the treadmill.
O He bought me a ukulele and I broke myself on it.
P I could drink this whole bottle and my panties would drop.
Q We all talk about the ones we win, and we never talk about the ones we lose.
R I can walk into an abandoned crack house like I own it.
S I married him too fast. He convinced me that he was Prince Charming.
T We are a national family. We are in the human family.
U Writing. It was the thing that let me know it wasn’t my fault. It made me forgive.
V It might be our own search for individuality.
W Nobody wakes up & says ‘Today I want to get cancer.’
X I have a stemware addiction.
Y There’s all these gray areas of consent when as women we feel obligated to have sex or pressured to have sex when we’ve said “no” many, many, many times.
Z I prefer to date guys that are unavailable… that’s a ‘bad for you’ boy.
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