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Michelle Dougherty (she/her)

Michelle lives in St. Louis but is from everywhere and nowhere. She has lived in 9 different states and traveled to 11 different countries. A divorced mother of three, colon cancer survivor, serial dieter, author of Midnight Playground: Where the Soul Plays, and lover of all things Improv, Michelle’s secret joy is making guests and listeners laugh. And she comes with the warning ‘Can only speak in 52-minute segments.‘ Her unique observations and insightful, illuminating questions guide guests and listeners towards personal and societal revelations. Many are heard saying, “I never thought about it that way.” When she isn’t working on expanding her Wine and Panty pairing list, she can be found playing games with her improv teams. Although Michelle’s heart has been broken more times than she can count, she’s still a believer in love and can say “I love you” in five languages, because, you never know…

Emily Lane (she/her)

Emily says it’s more natural for her to describe the intricate tasting notes of various wines than to write her own bio. Michelle advised Emily that maybe she needs to think of herself as a wine or drink more wine while drafting her bio. Emily agreed that more wine was needed. She said as soon as she’s finished with today’s bottle, she’d get a bio uploaded. Until then, Michelle would like you to know that Emily is a dream-maker, a visionary, an avid sociologist, a fashion trailblazer, funny, joyful, and a friend for a life! Check back often for Emily’s ‘tasting‘ notes. 😉

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