Season 3 Tastings

Ep. 52, Raventos i Blanc

You can smell & taste the fossil earth of the wine. Nose: honeysuckle, green apple. Palate: Citrus & mineralogy come through. An uncomplicated pair of panties - white satin, easy, reliable, cool with breathing room. Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 54, P'tit Berthier

Absolutely scrumptious! A little hay-like funk on the nose, a graphite aroma with notes of cherry, raspberry & cream. Palate: bright fruits, cherry, currant, & cherry cola. Dark purple silky panties that mean business. The kind of business that brings you much pleasure when they come off! Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 53, Birichino

The aromatics are lush & lovely. Honey, white flowers of jasmine, elderflower, stone fruit of apricot, peach & yellow plum. Nice acidity with some citrus notes. Like a sexy, stay-in-place, white satin panty with colors of fuchsia & teal blue woven through. Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 55, Ron Rubin Pinot Noir

Nose: earth, nutmeg, cherry, strawberry, spice. Palate: all that with cranberries, dark fruit, and vanilla. Not one of Michelle's favs so if you have her over for wine and you're on a budget, buy this one. She won't drink much! Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 56, Vacqueyras

Nose: Truffle, nice earth, a little smoke, rosemary, pepper. Very savory with raspberry & notes of cherry. A custom panty unique to your shape & size. A 'carvana' of panties! Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 58, Julienas

Much that's on the nose comes through on the palate with cherry, strawberry, raspberry, ripe apple skin. To taste: dark fruits with blackberry, plum, earth, leather, minerality, tea leaves & mulberry. Pair of tight panties that get easier and more enjoyable the longer you wear them! Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 57, Crémant de Bourgogne

Nose: Yeasty, toasted bread, lots of cream, lemon, minerality, stone fruit such as apricot. Palate: Nice acidity, lime, lemon, honey. A white, lacy pair of panties with lots of air flow, shoots out puffs like air hockey. Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 59, Les Parties

This offers the joys of Emily loves in a burgundy with complex spice & oak, butter, minerality, white flowers, lime zest, ripe apple & apricot. For Michelle, it's a party in her mouth! Available from the Wine Merchant.

Christmas Bonus - Aegerter Brut

This delightful sparkling is best drunk with great friends while trying to cook anything in your kitchen. Wonderful conversations flow while waiting for the culinary delights to bake if you have lots of this sparkling wine on hand! Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 60, I AM Pinot Noir

A fabulous box wine! Nose: bright tart cherry, earth, red berries & currant. Palate: Nice and smooth. A great everyday wine which unlike panties is very shareable! Available from the Wine Merchant.

Dec Time of the Month - Bouzy Grand Cru

This should be on everyone's holiday gift WISH list every year. And your best friends will understand, give it to you, and drink it right alongside you. Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 61, MWC Pinot Noir

Nose: Strawberry, cherry, blackberry, earth. Palate: All of the aromatics with some anise & herbs. Elegant, pretty wine, old world in style. Michelle thinks this is a good breakfast wine best drank in breathable, black satin panties with dainty touches of lace! Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 62 Faustino Rivera Ulecia Rioja

Nose: tobacco, vanilla, leather, a little funk, mushroom, & herbaceousness. Palate: Silky, smooth, dark fruits of plum, blackberries, black currant, dark cherry, & milk chocolate. A smooth operator basically a cougar print hipster worn while eating a Snickers. Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 64, Black Fig Vodka

Scrumptious excellent in a martini with blue cheese olive. The liquid version of a charcuterie board. Michelle thinks it's like Christmas in a glass best drank in a large mug by the fire. Black pair of panties with rhinestone gem stones in the special spot. Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 65, Arette Tequila

Who knew Tequila wasn't only for frat parties or late night bar shots?! This elegant tequila aged in bourbon barrels has on the nose notes of vanilla, chocolate, green peppercorn, and is full-bodied. A sexy, spicy black lace thong easily found on the floor the next morning. Available from Total Wine & More.

Ep. 63, Zierweisen Viviser

Nose: Nice minerality oak, green apple skin. Palate: interesting spice, nice acidity, green apple, cinnamon bark. A good solid basic color versatile panty that offers no embarrassment. Available from the Wine Merchant.

Ep. 66, Emmolo

Nose: Rich, dense dark fruits, blackberry black currant, plum, dark cherry. Palate: raspberry, black pepper, meaty in the middle, hints of olive. A lingerie ensemble: short, black lace peignoir, with black fur, black g-string with diamond in the center (or rhinestone if budget is tight), demi bra. Available from the Wine Merchant.

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