Season 5, #93 – Creating Connections

Michelle and Emily welcome back to the podcast their friend, journalist, and life coach, Jill Farmer.

They have an in-depth conversation on coping strategies for adjusting to new work dynamics due to COVID. Have you heard about contaminated time? Have you experienced a turbo boost of exhaustion and wonder why? They talk about setting boundaries, changing paradigms within workplaces, changing expectations for our lives. They talk about the different generational approaches to work/life balance.

They talk about productivity versus busy-ness.

Jill shares three mindset shifts to help manage the emotional and physical rollercoaster of these COVID times.
1) Acknowledge your feelings & Learn to process your emotions;
2) Accept what is in your control and what is not in your control;
3) Reframe perspectives to bring more meaningful outcomes.

Jill talks about how we can spend days spinning ourselves into an elevated state of anxiety. She says to ask yourself "Is my future self going to be happy with how I'm reacting right now?" and to ask yourself "Is this thought helpful?"

The conversation wraps with a great discussion on how to build connections, how to have civil but honest conversations with those in your relationship circles who have differing views.

For more information and to connect with Jill visit her website:

We'll be back with Season 6 in January 2021!

The Wine!

We apologize but we jumped straight into our conversation and didn't even wait for the "wine part."

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