Season 6, #94 – Living in Malawi, Africa

Emily and Michelle are joined by Cassie Morgan, a fellow St. Louisan living in Malawi. Cassie is an epidemiologist from St. Louis whose been living in Africa for the last four years. She shares her journey from the St. Louis Public Schools to working on HIV & AIDS prevention in Africa.

They learn about life in Malawi, the COVID

situation there, what was it like to go to Africa and live there as a Person of Color; the lifestyle and how it differs from the American 'way of life.'

Cassie talks about her work on HIV and AIDS prevention & the different initiatives and challenges. They discuss why condoms are so expensive. A pack of two can cost $3USD when people live on $1USD/day.

Cassie talks about her experience of teaching English for a time in Rwanda and what we can learn from that country. They discuss the challenges to be gay in Malawi and the obstacles women face just because they are women.

They wrap the conversation discussing Cassie's future plans and do they include any possibility of returning to the States to live.

*This episode was recorded in late November 2020.*

You can ask to follow Cassie on Instagram @_wanderlust11

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