Season 1: Episode 01- Surviving a Sociopath

Pilot Episode with Mich Hancock. The importance of true friendships and coping with a sociopathic son. Cava Eloquente.

Episode 1 Cliterally Speaking the Podcast Mich Hancock.
Cliterally Speaking the Podcast Episode 1 Wine Bubbly

Featured Wine

To celebrate our inaugural episode, we shared Bubbles! This delightful Cava, Elocuente exudes notes of strawberries and a nice creamy finish, is a real gem.  It can easily be found for under $13.

Highlights from the Show

Cliterally Speaking the Podcast Episode 1 - Highlights

We all had a good laugh after Mich brilliantly coined the term “Clinterally Speaking.” During the break, we all tried our best at doing a Clint Eastwood Impression.  Though you can’t hear our attempts on the released podcast, you can witness these embarrassing and delightful moments on the live recording of the podcast. During breaks – the video keeps rolling.

Cliterally Speaking the Podcast Episode 1 Highlights

The universe puts Emily & Michelle back together at a Twelfth Night – Marie Antoinette Party

More information and links on stuff we talked about

Parallel Chords

Emily & Michelle met on set, as extras for the film.

Watch it here!

More info on Mich Hancock

Mich Mash Podcast

Tedx Gateway Arch

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