Season 1, Episode 13 – A Superhero Lives Here

Iggy Pup makes his debut at Shock City Studios while Michelle & Emily share a bottle of Australian Shiraz - The Chook - with their guest, local superhero & expert in empowerment, Nicole Gorovsky.

Nicole Gorovsky has spent her entire career fighting criminals, abusers and the institutions that protect them. As a prosecutor and as a civil attorney, she knows what it is like to stand side by side with survivors. She speaks candidly on how each case leaves a lasting impact and what she does to maintain a healthy balance. They talk about 'tricky people' and how to protect yourself, your family, and friends from the 'tricky people.'

"We all talk about the ones we win, and we never talk about the ones we lose." - Nicole Gorovsky

The Wine!

The Chook

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