Season 1, Episode 21 – Good News Network

Our Guest

Denise Naughton, Founder/Creator of STL Verified and the Good News Network


STL Verified You Tube channel


Our Wine!

Cairanne Le Brave

Show Notes:

Here's the story Denise did on the St. Francis De Sales church in St. Louis.

Hidden Gem: St. Francis De Sales

Blended Orgasms!!! It's a real thing!

Here is the award-winning hands-free personal massager Denise referenced that she learned of at the Consumer Electronics Show. It's called the OSE Massager.  Here's an article about the award & the controversy. Here's a link to their website for more information.


We talk red flags, toxic workplaces, self-care, moving to a new city, the entrepreneurial spirit and hashtags! We talk A LOT about hashtags.


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