Season 1, Episode 9 – It’s all in the Drama

Show Notes

Michelle and Emily welcome their guest, Sarah Hobson. Sarah, an enthnodramatist, shares the story of her journey. Michelle explains why her energy level is low (LOTS and LOTS of driving) and promises to ratchet back up after a few more sips of wine.

Ethnodrama is the collaborative study of social issues. Sarah explains how she's been working with various public schools in the St. Louis area to implement this important art form to help the students to tell their own stories. They have a frank, honest, and sensitive discussion about racism, how banks and the real estate industry contributed to the continued segregation of neighborhoods through the redlining of neighborhoods in the 50s and 60s. Sarah shares poignant examples of how the students find their voice and the courage to share their stories, their realities. And through sharing their ethnodramas, they positively impact their local and regional communities.

For more information and to contact Sarah, visit her website Community Allies, LLC.

The Wine

Michelle & Emily sip on a beautiful bottle of Cap Royal Bordeaux Superiere with their guest, ethnodramatist Sarah Hobson.

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