Season 2, #38 – The ‘It’ Factor

Michelle and Emily welcome rising star, vocalist, actress, and artist, Alicia Revé to Cliterally Speaking the Podcast.

The conversation flows as freely as the bubbles. They talk theatre: church plays, favorite shows, firsts, and acting for film vs the stage. They talk show business: being an actor, being an actor of color, being a woman of color in the business. They talk about how art is also a form of activism and that it can be used to change minds and hearts and society. Two such theatre productions Alicia participated in that changed lives: St. Louis Fringe Festival "The Gringo" and One-Minute Plays.
They talk about how art comes from somebody's soul and that you should invest in their work and not ask for a discount or for it for free.

Alicia can be reached at and on Instagram @aliciareve.

"If you wait for someone else to tell your story, it won't get told." - Alicia Revé

The Wine!

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