Season 2, #42 – Sex & Marijuana

Emily and Michelle welcome Dr. Becky Lynn, MD back to the podcast with a fascinating episode on the perceptions of marijuana's impact on women's sexual health and orgasms. They share a wonderful bottle of Tago, a red wine from Portugal.

They learn about endocannabinoids that occur naturally in the human body. They talk about the lack of research on the effects of marijuana because it has been illegal for so long, but there is hope with the change in its legal status that more research will be done.

Cliterally Speaking the Podcast, Season 1 - Episode 4

Michelle asks Dr. Becky Lynn to explain the concept of marijuana as a "Gateway Drug" and the effects on younger people/teenagers.

They discuss CBD and THC; ratios for medical marijuana; restaurants using it in cocktails; regulated versus non-regulated; reputable suppliers versus non-reputable.

Michelle and Emily have a fan-girl moment when Dr. Becky Lynn talked about her interview with Dan Savage on his Savage Love podcast.

The conversation moves to the recent anti-choice legislation in Missouri, Georgia, and Alabama and its effect on individual sex lives.

They talk about double standards. What is the male version of the word "slut"? What's the female version of the word "Don Juan"? What is low sex drive? Is it a physical issue or is a relationship issue? Sex Ed historically has been about how not to get pregnant, never about pleasure. Dr. Becky Lynn recommends the website "OMG Yes!"  for great sexual education geared towards women. She also talks about how women can use porn to find what suits them in their sexual desires and recommends Erika Lust for women-centric porn.

Dr. Becky Lynn clarifies many misconceptions that people have regarding sex education, anatomy, periods, ovaries and more!
New vocabulary word - mittleschmerz

The Wine!


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