Season 2, #51 – Be Who You Are

Emily and Michelle celebrate the end of Season 2 with very special guest, Daphne. The first penis-haver guest of the podcast as the featured guest other than their favorite sound engineer, Sam.

They share a delicious bottle of Tuerces Botas (translation Twisted Boots) while talking about Daphne's journey to acceptance of her identity. Daphne grew up in a conservative religious environment and had from an early age liked dressing in women's clothes. She shared how she came out five years ago and hasn't looked back.

They discuss what it means to be kinky; Daphne's first exposure to a kink party in St. Louis; BDSM, and finding a place where she belongs at the Crack Fox.
They talk polyamory and jealousy; therapy and therapists; bathrooms and shoes; and how important it is to just be who you are.

"Gender is a construct; be who you are." - Daphne

The Wine!

Tuerces Botas

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