Season 2, Episode 27 – A Letter from the Universe

Michelle and Emily welcome artist and photographer, Vanessa Rudloff to the podcast. They drink a bottle of red wine - The Juice Asylum - and talk about Houdini dogs, Naughti Gras, Fetishes, Tiny Bronze Dicks, and interesting first dates and making new friends as adults.

They have an interesting and in-depth discussion about the idea that all the challenges in life have brought you to the person you are. Vanessa shares her perspective on and her belief in 'what's meant to be will be.' They talk about writing letters, having pen pals, and sharing memories. Vanessa shares a touching story about a box of lost letters and reuniting them with the woman who had written them.


See Vanessa's art here!

The Tiny Dicks we referenced -

The Wine!

The Juice Asylum by Il Terzo Grado

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