Season 2, Episode 35 – Beloved Bust: Breast Care 101

Michelle & Emily share their sorrow over the fire at Notre Dame in Paris. Emily shares how exactly ten years ago she was in Paris at Notre Dame on a life-changing journey. They welcome guest, friend, and myofascial therapist, Melissa Russell of Quantum Healing Arts to the podcast.


Michelle endured tailbone pain for two and a half years and did a variety of treatments before finding Melissa. After several months of therapy, Michelle finally found relief from the pain and corrected the tailbone problem.

Melissa explains the difference between myofascial release therapy and massage therapy. She shares several inspiring experiences with her clients.

They talk about the many body issues that can be helped/resolved using myofascial therapy including painful sex, and other pelvic floor issues. Melissa talks about how pelvic floor dates with couples can be great intimacy builders within relationships.

Melissa shares how a breast cancer survivor came to her because an implant had been rejected and she had experienced so many side effects from the implant. This experience was the catalyst for Melissa to expand her practice to include a special focus on breast cancer survivors. Beloved Bust is designed to teach women how to work on their breasts and how to work on their scars, to fill in the gap from surviving breast cancer to getting back to their new favorite selves.

They share their experiences of their first awareness of their boobs and the not-so-fun phase of puberty, hiding boobs with books, boys popping bra straps, etc... and how those experiences shape our perceptions of ourselves. They lament how women don't grow up knowing their bodies are beautiful, magical, and nothing to be ashamed of.

Melissa describes what a session of Breast Care 101 is like in a group setting in case you want to have her as a guest one month at your book club (for example) meeting.
Upcoming Breast Care 101 class June 9, 2019 at Joy of Yoga in St. Louis.

"One of the beautiful things is to teach people how to work on themselves." - Melissa Russell

The Wine!

Forth, a 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Sonoma region

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