Season 3, #52 – Ignite Your Sexual Spirit

It's Season 3! Michelle and Emily are celebrating with some Raventos i Blanc Sparkling Wine with guest, Dr. Donna Marshaye-White (listeners will remember her from Season 1, Episode 2 "Bumping Barbies").

This lively and fun conversation covers ways to ignite your Sexual Spirit. They talk about breaking patterns in relationships, the importance of self love, and how nice it is to make out. They talk about how fantasy can spice up a sex life. They talk about the difference between men and women in their use of porn and erotic literature. Dr. Donna makes recommendations on some of her favorite erotica authors. And Michelle talks about the book she wrote and released a couple years ago, Midnight Playground: Where the Soul Plays.

Books Recommended by Dr. Donna!

Author Opal Carew - Hard Ride and Twin Fantasies

and Kimberly Kaye Terry, Scream My Name & Lauren Dane, Inside Out.

Raventos ¬° Blanc

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