Season 3, #59 – Decade Reflections

Pictured with Michelle, Emily, and Denise is Jason Main of the Wine Merchant

Michelle and Emily sit down with friend and producer Denise Naughton to reflect on the ending of the decade: where they've come from, the changes in their lives, the opportunities, the challenges, the sad times and the fun times.

They toast the ending of the old and the beginning of a new decade with a delightful white burgundy from Guillemard-Clerc "Les Parties".

Emily and Denise give Michelle several tips on being a good cat owner now that Michelle has welcomed one to her home.

Emily reflects on how in the last decade she's been able to dive in to the things that truly reflect who she is because at the beginning of the decade her interests and joys were suppressed.

After the break, they talk about their hopes for the next ten years. They share their winter life hacks, talk about Christmas camp, the new B-side convos, authenticity in life, friendships, continuing to bring real conversations with real women to the world and more.

Cheers to the new decade!!

This is Salem - Michelle's newest family member and first cat!

The Wine!

"Les Parties"  a Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay by Guillemard-Clark - from The Wine Merchant

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