Season 4, #74 – Empower Women – Change Communities

Michelle and Emily welcome Lula Mena to the podcast. Emily met Lula on a recent visit to El Salvador and was so inspired by her work with empowering women and creating change in their communities, she knew she had to have her on the show.

While recording the episode from her shoe closet, Emily sips on a traditional Spanish red

wine from Toro called Romanico. Michelle, recording from "Studio C" enjoys a Bordeaux Rose from Chateau Suau.

Lula shares how she began her company (which shares her name) and how she has focused on working with communities of women in at-risk communities in El Salvador. She empowers women by teaching artisanal traditional techniques and providing them with sustainable work opportunities. Her desire to use her designs as an agent of change has allowed communities of women to be able to stay in their communities and stay present in the lives of their children.

Lula's inspiring story reminds us that giving people an opportunity to change their lives affects not only the individual but their families and beyond.

They discuss how women no matter where they live in the world, all struggle with believing in themselves. Once you believe in yourself and know that everything you need is inside of you, you have the power to change your life, your community, your world.

Learn more about Lula's work and her impact here

"When you do something that is coming from the heart, it develops in so many beautiful ways." Lula Mena

The Wine!

Romanico - from the Wine Merchant

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