Season 5, # 81 – The Power of Girlfriends

Emily and Michelle are finally back in the studio with a great guest to start off Season 5. They welcome Laura Roodman-Edwards-Roodman-Edwards-Ray to the podcast. They talk about love, first orgasms, numerology (Laura and Michelle are both 5's and Emily is a 2 but what does that mean?), how Laura married and divorced the same man twice (aka Psycho Dick), her journey towards freedom, and finding her soul mate.

Laura produced a documentary on independent music stores that will air on KETC Channel 9 in late August. It's called "Papa Ray's Vintage Vinyl Road Show." Follow them on Facebook to learn when it will air on your local PBS station.

Laura wrote her hilarious memoir "Brain Dead in the 'Burbs and Cooking Your Way Back to Sanity" as a way to heal from her first marriage and said it was "cheaper than therapy."

She arranged her chapters around her favorite recipes. Her YouTube show "Brain Dead and Cooking with Friends" is now in its sixth season. Emily and Michelle finagle an invitation to do an episode on her YouTube show. They'll be sure to announce when it happens and when you can see it.



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