Season 2, #41 – Raise Your Voice

Michelle and Emily welcome their producer and friend, Denise Naughton, back to the podcast. (You can learn more about Denise on Season 1, Episode 21 "Good News Network".) They share a wonderful, crisp bottle of Rosé from Squadra.

They share their respective 4th of July experiences. Emily is thankfully recovering from the stress and anxiety of nearly losing her little man, Iggy Pup, and her fiancé Ken in separate scary situations. Michelle spent the 4th with several Improv friends. Denise visited Fair St. Louis for a few hours.

They share their reactions to the craziness in the news from the Women's National Team winning the World Cup; Title IX; the 4th of July festival in DC; teleprompter issues; Epstein's arrest; upcoming Mueller testimony; 2020 Democratic primary season; to how to survive Mercury (and five other planets!) in Retrograde.

The Wine!

Squadra Rosato (Rosé)

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